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Our concrete table tops is finished by the pigment color no change in long time using,

Color pigment is added in the wet concrete and then adding on the surface all by hand. The color combined with cement made special finishing color on surface of product, somewhere darker and somewhere lighter and they are really a difference range of product!

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Our know how is use sealer waterproof  from the inside of concrete and then treat waterproof again on the surface before covering with matte PU paint with UV-resistant and color-fastening properties.

This innovative way to make the surface of the product perfect water resistant and especially easy to remove stains from red wine, tea and coffee…

We should not use a knife or sharp object to cut directly or damage the surface of the product, because it will destroy the protective layer and make your product quickly damaged.

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We should cover by a thin layer of wax on the surface twice or three times a year with the any natural food safe wax to make new and protect your items.

We can do many of color styles on concrete with the same characteristics.

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