Dining Table

Sabine Trestle Concrete Dining table – Acacia Wood Leg

Item code:LWT240-100-76SA





Our fiber glass reinforced concrete (FGRC) products are manufactured based on an advanced mixing formula to create lightweight, high-strength concrete products.

The outstanding feature is very durable, no deformation, no warping, no surface cracks.

Our products are blended with water repellent ingredient inside the concrete, and use a new generation PU coating, super strong – hard to scratch and with a formula with UV protection so it is especially durable over time and very easy to clean stains of tea, coffee, wine, food …


Lightweight Concrete Top 8cm ( 3″ ) Thickness

Steady design Acacia Wood legs, Brushed antique finishing like Teak.

PU coating use for outdoor.

We have many of versions : 

L240 x W100 x H76

L220 x W100 x H76

L210 x W100 x H76

L200 x W100 x H76

Concrete top colors available : White – Grey – Black – Charcoal