Console Table

Console Table 60″- Concrete top & Acacia brushed antique wood leg

Item code:LWT152-46-70


Weight : 70kgs

Color:Matte Black Top / Brushed antique wood leg


Our fiber glass reinforced concrete (FGRC) products are manufactured based on an advanced mixing formula to create lightweight, high-strength concrete products.

The outstanding feature is very durable, no deformation, no warping, no surface cracks.

Our products are blended with water repellent from the inside, and use a new generation PU coating, super strong – hard to scratch and with a formula with UV protection so it is especially durable over time and very easy to clean stains of tea, coffee, wine, food…

Popular colors are Gray with natural light and dark patches, or other luxurious colors such as Matte White, Matte Black, Charcoal, etc. and any color required by the customer.

The combination of lightweight fiber-reinforced concrete and wood is a new trend and it is constantly evolving with a variety of designs and different finishes.
Acacia wood is a fairly common hardwood from plantations in Vietnam and some surrounding areas.
Natural Stain or Antique wire brushed finishing are two popular colors and are suitable for concrete. However, matte white or matte black, Brown or Mahogany are also selected for luxurious and modern products..